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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Baker's Coven (Spellford Cove #3) by Samantha Silver


A Baker's Coven

(Spellford Cove #3)

by Samantha Silver

Kindle Edition

Published March 25th 2021


Welcome to Spellford Cove, where the baking is sweet and the witches are wild.

Robin is finally settling into Spellford Cove. Business is booming, and as the weather gets colder her relationship with Hunter seems to be heating up. And she finally gets some answers about her biological father. But when a friend of Elsa's is murdered, Robin decides to get involved.

After all, she does have a bit of experience in solving murder cases.

As she gets closer to solving the case, however, Robin soon finds herself in the killer's crosshairs. And it turns out maybe her father hasn't quite learned that no means no after all...

This is the third book in the Spellford Cove paranormal cozy mystery series.


4.5 stars

This is the third book in the Spellford Cove series by Samantha Silver.

Robin and Spellford Cove are back in a new mystery. In this one her father shows up and he wants her to do forbidden magic with him to take the magical powers of the Titans for his own use. Why are the evil ones always so silly wanting irrational things like that?

The cast here is great and I am already sucked in and invested in this world. Just can’t get enough of Spellford Cove!

I love Robin and her new found family. Grandma Jackie is quite a hoot! I think the community and cast is the best part of this. The mystery is secondary. I like that it gets solved and how they do it but I love seeing all the people the best!

Really enjoying the heck out of this series! Such a fun cozy romp into the mystery and magic of the Cove!

Loved so much about it. If you like magical cozy mysteries, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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