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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Rolling Scone (Great Witches Baking Show #3) by Nancy Warren


A Rolling Scone

(Great Witches Baking Show #3)

by Nancy Warren 

Kindle Edition, 194 pages

Published May 20th 2020 by Ambleside Publishing


Butter, sugar, flour — and Death!

British amateur bakers must turn out the perfect scone in this week’s filming of The Great British Baking Contest.

But fledgling witch Poppy is losing her concentration as she gets closer to discovering more of her own history at Broomewode Hall, a postcard pretty manor house in Somerset, England. However, someone is warning her to leave as she’s in danger.

Can she keep her cool while solving mysteries, working on her witch skills, and still turn out a decent scone?

Taste this culinary cozy mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author Nancy Warren. Each book is a stand-alone mystery, though the books are linked. They offer good, clean fun, and, naturally, recipes.


4.5 stars

This is the third book in the Great Witches Baking Show series by Nancy Warren.

This week they are making scones and Poppy has to focus and keep her cooking mojo going or she may get voted off the show. Then another murder happens. Her friend, Eileen from the bookshop looks a bit ill when she visits her. She convinces her friend to let her close up the bookshop and then she will accompany her home. But before she can even turn around the closed sign on the storefront, her friend collapses and is dead. Now she finds her focus has split. Find the killer of her friend and try to keep her cooking skills in top notch in order to stay around so she can find more clues to her past.

I am truly liking this series so much. It is really like watching reality tv. I keep hoping Poppy and that Detective Lane might get together at some point. But I will be patient and see what unfolds. I like how Poppy has this great coven of witches to help her learn about her new powers as a water witch and then she has her trusty friend, Gerry, the guy who died in book one, helping her out with her sleuthing.

Each book gets better and better with this series.

Loved so much about it. If you like magical cozy mysteries, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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