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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Surgery and Spells (Midlife Medicine #2) by Amorette Anderson


Surgery and Spells

(Midlife Medicine #2)

by Amorette Anderson 

Kindle Edition

Published March 26th 2021


After fifty years of struggle, Grace is ready for a new way of life… a way that’s a bit more magical.

After a midlife crisis that involved a bad break-up and a void within that just didn’t seem possible to fill, Nurse Grace Littleton finds herself living a charmed and enchanted new life.

Her job as an RN in the rural village of Covenstead, Vermont, is fairly easy -- until it’s not.

In addition to tending to the town’s ill and injured, she’s also responsible for investigating death.

So, when a body turns up in the local cemetery, Grace’s job suddenly becomes much more challenging.

She feels out of her element -- she’s a nurse, not a trained homicide detective for goodness sake!

But the townsfolk are looking to her for answers... A local teen’s surgery seems to be involved, covens aren’t getting along, and a graveside spell may have gone wrong.

Can Grace and her pit bull Lucky dig up the truth?


4.5 stars

Grace has a new mystery to solve in this new magical cozy mystery when a local caretaker is found dead and locked in a vault on the cemetery grounds. When Grace discovers a broken bracelet near the vault belonging to a local good girl, we know this mystery is going to be a complex one to solve.

I enjoyed getting to dig back into this series. This world has to be one of my new favorites. Plus, the mystery is compelling with a lot of suspects to consider. I was perplexed. I couldn't wait to find out whodunit, but I wanted the book to last longer. Covenstead is my new favorite world. I hope this author is a prolific -- I can't wait to read anything written in this world.

Loved so much about it. If you like magical cozy mysteries, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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