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Friday, May 14, 2021

Gingerdead House (Great Witches Baking Show #5.5) by Nancy Warren


Gingerdead House

(Great Witches Baking Show #5.5)

by Nancy Warren

Kindle Edition, 94 pages

Published February 8th 2021 by Ambleside Publishing


Christmas Charity Contest leads to Murder!

Amateur baker Poppy Wilkinson agrees to be a celebrity contestant in a charity gingerbread house competition in Bath, England. She can support a good cause while promoting the long running TV reality show in which she’s a contestant—The Great British Baking Contest.

However, beneath the gingerbread walls and behind the lollipop trees swirl bad feelings, jealousy and murder.

Good thing Poppy is also a witch and a talented amateur sleuth. This stand alone holiday whodunnit is part of the Great Witches Baking Show series. It features witches, a friendly ghost and a feline familiar. There's no sex, swearing or gore, just good, clean murderous fun!


4.5 stars

This is a novella in the Great Witches Baking Show series by Nancy Warren.

I am not sure how I missed reading this little gem on my marathon of the Great Witches Baking Show series. It comes right after book five: “Blood, Sweat and Tears.”

A lot of the extra characters are cut out of this story to make it a super fast read. It is all about a gingerbread house baking contest and it pits local favorites against Poppy. One of the contestants gets axed and it is a race to finish their houses and solve the murder before the buttercream melts.

Just a fun addition to the series that I think everyone will enjoy.

Definitely pick this up if you are a paranormal magical cozy mystery lover.

Read this book for free via my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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