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Friday, June 4, 2021

Running Out of Time (Tactical Crime Division #4) by Cindi Myers


Running Out of Time

(Tactical Crime Division #4)

by Cindi Myers

Paperback Edition, Harlequin Intrigue

Published July 1st 2020


When a terrorist is on the loose, the Tactical Crime Division is on the case.

To find out who poisoned medications, two of TCD's agents are tapped to go undercover posing as a married couple and infiltrate the company. But as soon as Jace Cantrell and Laura Smith arrive at Stroud Pharmaceuticals, someone ups the ante by planting explosives in their midst. Turns out that the small-town family business is hiding a million secrets. Could they unknowingly be protecting a vengeful killer?


4.5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Tactical Crime Division series by Cindi Myers.

I enjoyed this book. I just read it in bits and spurts during my lunch hour. Romantic suspense has always been a favorite of mine and Harlequin does a great job with this genre.

Laura Smith and Jace Cantrell, FBI agents, are trying to discover the culprit behind not only a poisoning of some Stomach Soothers but of a bomber who is killing people at the Stroud facility.

Definitely liked the storyline and it totally kept my attention. I read it as a paperback and most of my reading these days has been audio. And thus it took me a long time to finish this particular book. It was worth the wait, though. Great conclusion.

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