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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Immortal Doc Holliday: Hidden : (The Immortal Doc Holliday Series Book 1) by M.M. Crumley


The Immortal Doc Holliday: Hidden

(The Immortal Doc Holliday Series Book 1)

by M.M. Crumley 

Kindle Edition, 233 pages

Published May 14th 2021


Soul eating tattoo. Check

Self-replicating knife. Check

Two-hundred-year-old score to settle. Double check.

Meet the immortal Doc Holliday.

Lying on his deathbed, Dr. John Holliday was offered a choice; let the tuberculosis finish its work or accept immortality. Doc chose the latter, knowing full well that such “gifts” don’t come cheap, but damned if the last two hundred years haven’t been a blast. Partying, playing, fighting, killing; yes, eternal life’s been good... But the time to get serious has finally come, and the task he’s always known he was saved for is at hand.

Now in modern-day Denver, Doc will be pushed to his limits to keep his promise and save the missing descendent of the beautiful shaman who gave him everlasting life. The trouble is things aren’t going as planned, and it’s becoming clear that there is far more at stake than Doc bargained for...


3 stars

This is the first book in the Immortal Doc Holiday series.

I thought the concept of this book was interesting but just okay for me. I feel like Doc Holiday needs more motivation in his life than sex with as many woman as possible, whiskey and a good card game.

This had a ton of potential and could see it working as a cozy mystery but as it is, this just falls a bit flat for me. I feel like  saying… what is the point of this guy’s life. What a waste.

Not sure I will continue on with the series. It is unfortunate but I want to read other things that I find more interesting.

Read this book for free via my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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