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Friday, June 11, 2021

The Mom Identity (Case Files of an Urban Witch #2) by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle


The Mom Identity

(Case Files of an Urban Witch #2)

by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle

Kindle Edition, 291 pages

Published March 14th 2021 by LMBPN Publishing


Silver Griffins Agent 485 Lucy Heron is on the trail of a string of magical thefts. But first, she has to pick up the kids from school.

Talk about trying to find a life and work balance.

Dylan is in that awkward middle school phase when magic can turn a friend into a frog and back again. Did anyone notice?

And third-grader Ashley keeps recruiting friends for her own secret agency to fight magical crime.

Kids these days. The Heron children are even training the good dog, Buddy to track down magical bad guys.

So far, the family business is still a well-guarded secret. Can they keep it that way?

The criminals in town have taken notice and they’ve set up their own school of unwanted magic. Will the Heron Family figure out how to flunk them all before they overrun the City of Angels?

Join Lucy, her family, Jackie and Ellis as they take down magical criminals and show them don’t mess with a Heron. The suburbs will never be the same.


4.5 stars

This is the second book in the Case Files of an Urban Witch by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle.

In this book we see how the kids are being used in Silver Griffin cases and the other kids that Lucy brings food to also lend an assist during dire moments which I think is a great use of that resource. 

I admire this working mom with not only normal activities but magical ones too. They ask her and a co-worker to take some leadership courses that might make them eligible for a promotion one day. Lucy isn’t sure that is something she wants but she goes along with it to please her superior. Her coworker, however, is in it to win it and uses devious tactics to push herself to the top of the pile.

We learn of a new agent who has come to town looking for a magical criminal who keeps slipping out of his hands. His case ends up connecting with Lucy’s current docket of stuff and they work together to bring down this mastermind who is trying to teach young minds to be mega criminals.

Definitely a good book in this seires and reading it makes you want to continue on. So I think I definitely will be doing that.

Read this book for free via my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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