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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites in Beauty & Mini Hard Candy / Profusion Cosmetics Palettes Haul

This is my first ever Friday Favorites blog entry. So, please be gentle with me. These are the things that this week have been rocking my world. Plus, I am also adding a mini haul to the mix.

I will start off with the favorite nail polishes of the past two weeks. I am really digging the green nail varnishes these days. And the one pictured here is Wet n Wild FastDry Sage of Days. Wonderful color, great stuff with this one. It's a bit more sheer than the Wet n Wild FastDry SaGreena The Teenage Witch (not pictured) which I wore most of last week. I have also been rocking the purple Halloween themed Wet n Wild FastDry Buffy the Violet Slayer. When I wasn't wearing SaGreena, I was wearing Buffy. So, I am loving on these two polishes. They go on with one coat and if you don't want to do a second, you'd be good to go. But a second really helps with any chipping. My nails are a mess right now and are peeling like an onion and hunks keep chunking out of them. It is not pretty. But these polishes really hide the imperfections in my nail care.

The polishes I have been wearing for the last two days are Wet n Wild Megalast in the gold color called Deadly Dose. It's another color they had out for their Halloween promotions. Love it. I also adore the Gold Album nail color that is in their Fergy line but I have a heck of a time getting that color to come off my nails when I want to change my look. On my middle finger I added a sheer coating of the Spoiled by Wet n Wild in the color I'm Ba-roque. It is very sheer so I had to put Deadly Dose on first and then put the Ba-roque color atop it in a couple of coats to give me a little bit of a featured nail look on my middle finger nail. Barely discernible difference from the other nails but I like it.

 Here are the other products that I have been Jonesing for this week. Two body sprays by Body Fantasies Signature in Twilight Mist (a great somewhat Bath and Body Works dupe for Twilight Woods) and Vanilla. This Vanilla is the best Vanilla I have smelled in a spray in any that I have tried. I just love it! But my current everyday smell to put on like perfume is Twilight Mist. I just adore this dupe and I am a Twilight Woods lover.

These Cover Girl eyeshadow quads have been my go-to look for the last two weeks. These quads are in County Woods, Urban Basics and Coffee Shop. I love the variety of browns and coppers and light amber shades they have in their line. Some people complain about their sheer application, but I didn't find that to be the case for me at all. I just loved using them this week and they make me want to peruse the CoverGirl section and find more lovely eyeshadow quads. I have been using aCover Grl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm crayon that is in the color Rose Twist. It is pretty close to the color of my own lips if only a share or two darker. This formula is very creamy and lovely. I definitely have to pick up more of these at my next drugstore venture.

I have a bit of a mini haul to report. I picked up three Hard Candy eyeshadow palettes at Walmart recently. They were only $6 each and a great value for the amount of shadow you get. I got the palettes Green With Envy, Naturally Gorgeous  and Smoke Out. I think I need to pick up the pink one in the color Pinking of You because pink has really been a shadow color I don't have much of at the moment.

The U Adore Me palettes 02 and 03 I just picked up from Walgreens. They are made by Profusion Cosmetics. And I picked up their BARE palette of ten shadows and just adored it, pardon the pun. So I figured these shadows would be a good fit for my tastes. Each U Adore Me palette was $2. Who can beat that price? Love!

Well, these are my current favorites and my little mini Haul. Check them out at your local stores and the tell me what YOU think.

Stay beautiful.

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