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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Beauty Adventure Continues...

This last week was an entire Week of Makeup. Or as I have come to call it the W of M. I did learn a lot of things makeup wise this week. It has been fun and challenging and really getting my artistic side stimulated. Makes me want to delve into watercolor or drawing more often.

One of the things I learned this week was that my brow bone looks like a crazy neon light when I use a light shimmery shade. So I picked up a CoverGirl single eyeshadow in French Vanilla to use on my eyebrow bone when one of my eyeshadow trios or quads doesn't provide one. No one wants to look at neon brow bones! At least, I don't. Is it just me or are most eyeshadows now a pool of shimmer? Where are the matte shades?

Maybe I am the only one but it was a challenge to look at myself. I have used little mirrors to view only a fraction of my face. I guess I am pretending I don't look like I do. But I have gotten more comfortable with my appearance over the last year. I can at least look at myself in the mirror again, a full mirror... with the light turned on. Ha Ha. I developed this ability by doing my daily oracle and tarot card videos. Sounds crazy, huh? But it's not so crazy. When you make a video you are forced to look at yourself. Every day. Day in and day out. Eventually, I got used to the image of me staring back at myself. In my mind's eye, for years, I didn't see myself as I was now. I was focusing on the image of me back in college which is the image I still hold in my mind as the "true image of me." It's heck realizing that time moves on, isn't it?

This segue's me into skin care. I have also been adding skin care to my makeup regime. My main focus is my flaky dry eyebrow bone, dry upper cheek area and baggy under eye circles. All these areas have their own issues. I have been washing my face nightly after I remove my makeup with my Neutrogena wipes and eye makeup remover. Skin care hadn't been on my radar at all for years. Sad, I know. People on-line talk about SPF this and SPF that. I hadn't been SPFing anything since I was in college. Why is it that some of us discount our appearance when we get out of college and others embrace the journey?
So, needless to say, my under eye circles are more pronounced than any normal human's. From neglect, mainly. But my biggest problem is that I rub my eyes quite a bit due to allergies and sometimes I swear it looks like I have a black eye. Concealer is a new adventure for me. I think it really accentuates my fine lines while it also covers up the worst of the under eye baggage.

I have actually built up quite a collection of makeup in this last month. But I have stuck with my Maybelline FitMe Foundation stick in shade 115. I believe I may have to break down and get the Concealer from that line as well. The ones I have now I am not totally happy with.

The eyeshadow has been the greatest adventure for me. Back in the day, I pretty much only used pink and brown shades of eyeshadow and usually the same exact look every day. I wasn't too adventurous in my makeup application back then. But I am enjoying the vast plethora of eyeshadow choices there are now. But I have noticed that my go-to look lately has been the completely natural look with a nude-ish lipstick or gloss. Dark lipsticks make me look harsh and make my eyes look hard, maybe it's my imagination.
I am showing a few items from one of my latest hauls. The ELF Cosmetic's Villain's Look Books are really cool and they have a whole lot of stuff in each of them that you need for your makeup collection. I bought three different ones. The Evil Queen, Cruella de Vll and Malificent. There is also a look book for Ursula but I wasn't fond of the eyeshadow colors in that one. Maybe you are. So definitely check it out. $9.99 at Walgreens. Favorite eyeshadow quads have been from CoverGirl, Maybelline and Wet n Wild.

That's all for now. More later. 

Enjoy this new fun-ness and I hope you are experimenting with your own look. Take the makeup adventure/journey with me.

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