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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Novice Me - I'm The Armchair Beauty Sleuth

I am pretty new at this whole beauty thing. I haven't been wearing makeup or really taking a good look at my appearance for over 20 years. 

It all started with nail polish. I guess that is the only natural way to start. And I played around with that for months before I ventured into a different area.... candles and wax melts.

When I get my attention onto something, I kinda go hog-wild. I bought a whole slew of candles and wax melts, mostly from Walmart, enough to fill a little tub. The wax melts, not the candles. And after a month or so of that, I got my attention onto Bath and Body Works. I had bought something from them the year before and had barely made a dent into the lotion I bought. I bought small travel sizes of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion, lotion and mist of Honey Autumn Apple and a large lotion of Twilight Woods, my favorite scent. But this go around they were having their fall sale where you buy 3 get 3 free and I got some large lotions for not too much money. And I have been LOVING THEM!

This has all led up to me exercising more in order to lower my blood sugar. I have made a good dent into that one. After one week of exercising, my blood went from 130 to 114. For a fasting blood sugar, I think that is a huge win for me. Yay!

As I began exercising I had gotten some travel sizes of Ponds Rejuveness lotion and one for dry skin. And this has really helped my skin to look so much more luscious. That in turn led to makeup. I had a few items that I rarely used, mainly I steered clear of foundation. It was something that really scared me. And don't talk to me about concealer... what is that? Who knew it was so important these days.

I am forty-five years old as of this year, so I have a bit of catching up to do in the beauty department. I began searching YouTube for videos to help assist me and I had no idea there was such a big booming business of beauty bloggers. Oh, my goodness!

From them I learned that it is no longer taboo to go to the dollar store and buy make up. AND some of it  even rivals the name brands. I learned that "department" store makeup is the type you buy at Walmart. And that is the "cheap" make up. Most of these people throw names like Mac, Bobbie Brown, Sephora, Ulta, and others like they are the easist things in the world to find. I had no idea the beauty biz was so complex.

I took EmilyNoel83's advice and started looking into dollar store makeup and I made some good hauls. I love watching haul videos. I think I have a new obsession. Take a look at a few of my finds.


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  1. Nice! I look forward to your future forays and the bits you will share with us along the way. Keep on!

    (I just a wax melt warmer and a few scents this past weekend. Thanks for introducing me to those.)