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Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Favorites - Makeup Edition

Friday Favorites.

Rimmel London

This week it has been all about Rimmel London products. I am just having a happy dance day using their products. I love the number 14 in Kate lipstick. That one is a nude shade a tad bit darker than my own lip color. I also got another Kate lipstick and two in their other line that are all just awesome. And I am not a person to gush about lipstick. And the eyeshadow quads... OH, MY GOSH.... I have been enjoying them so much. Afternoon Tea, Mayfair, Shadow Brun, and English Oak in their Glam Eyes line. I have purchased a lot of their quads and have just loved them all. You have to try them. Then I can't forget foundation. Match Perfection in Ivory is my new go-to foundation. It makes me look like I just have a natural look and not a look where people stare at you saying "You have foundation on!" The other thing from Rimmel that I have been loving is my Stay Matte powder in translucent. It is just a perfect powder for me. I love, love, love it. Ah-Maize-Ing!


I love my Maybelline eyeshadow quads. They are very creamy and lovely and the shades are just awesome. But the packaging annoys me. Each quad is like a tiny teeter totter, slipping and sliding in my drawer. Nothing is stable. Even the older CoverGirl singles do this as well, but CoverGirl has made their new singles in more stable packaging that I really like. Kudos CoverGirl.


I have been really using my two Smoky Shadow Blast jumbo cream sticks. They are dual ended. A lid color on one end and a crease color on the other. I just love them. I have the pink and beige colors. I have been using them a lot as a base for my eyeshadows. And I wish there was a pink that was a bit more colorful so that I could use it as a stand alone shadow. When I put the pink cream stick on my lid, you can't tell I have it on. But it is great as a base for other colors.

Eyes Lips Face (ELF)

This company has really impressed me lately. I have two different versions of their Little Black Books. One is in Day and the other in Daytime, or Everyday Festival(something like that). They are awesome. Pigmentation is great and the Day palette is just a must for every lady. I would love to have this Day palette in a bigger palette so I can just have more shadow to love. I recently picked up a 100 shadow palette from Big Lots that is in sort of a yellow/rust/green colors. This one isn't as great as the Day palette but if you use the shadows independently, you should be fine. I tried to do a look with a rust and a dark blue and it just came off looking muddy. I did get a Geometrical palette that was in one of their Holiday Gift Sets and that one is amazing as well. I have a small compact and a medium sized one. But their Classic palette in 32 shadows is still my complete favorite.


I did have a bit of a haul this week. I discovered that my Goody's store carried NYX Cosmetics. Who knew?! So I grabbed up a few of the Love in Paris 9 shadow sets. I am excited to try them out. I also snagged some Almay shadows from the sale CVS was having last week. Then from Walgreens I decided to get the Mystery Vanity palette from Profusion. Not sure how these work yet, but am excited to see if they have any color payoff.

That's about it for me this week. 

I hope you had a great turkey day and found some wonderful times with family and friends.

Stay beautiful and if you have any makeup tips, please send them my way.

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