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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

I haven't done a lot of dabbling into new things this week. So, I stuck to the tried and true. I was really rocking the pink and mauves, copper and browns in the eyeshadow department this week. I waffled between my Maybelline quads, CoverGirl Quads the Disney Villains Look Books and Hard Candy 10 color palettes. But I did throw in a newbie this week. I got a bit of a haul from my local Avon representative, Mary Ann, whom I've known, it feels like forever. I purchased 6 quads in their True Color line and one single shadow in a very cool color called Midnight Sparkler which is a dark green color with a bit of silver pizazz added for a bit of sparkle.

ELF Cosmetics'
Disney Villain's Ursula Look Book
I also broke down and bought the last Disney Villain Look Book that I didn't have in my collection, Ursula. Not sure why I was making this such a standout, but since Walgreens had it on sale this week or $6.50 or something crazy like that, I had to get it.

I have found myself reaching for the Evil Queen and Cruela De Vil eyeshadow 6 pans this week and really creating nice and lovely looks... not evil at all. Ha ha. Cruela really has a nice and neutral palette that I find suits me. (How many times can I say nice?) And the Evil Queen was more of a neutral purple look for me. The Disney Villains have been my go to shadow look this week.

I am totally loving my Chapstick Mixstix in Green Apple and Caramel. Love that Caramel side. And the limited editions in Apple Cider and Gingerbread Kiss are just becoming my go to for lip balms. But I can't discount my new fav, the Sugar Cookie EOS dupe by Walgreens. Love it. I also have a Watermelon flavor I keep at work. Lovely.

Jordana Cosmetics' Twist and Shine Jumbo Lip Balm Stains and Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balms are just convenient and fun to wear. I have some of the nude and coral colors as well as pinks. They are fun and flirty and great for me. I'm a no fuss sort of makeup person. Once it's on, all I want to do is live in it and maybe add more lip balm during the day to keep my lips hydrated.

Well, that's it for me this week. What were your beauty favorites this week?

Stay beautiful!

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