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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Eyeshadow of the Day - Friday Edition

Today it is a @BH Cosmetics kinda day. I am using the 88 Neutral palette (palette on left) for the matte colors in my crease. I do not prefer to put shiny, shimmery colors in my crease or on my brow bone, so this palette has very little shimmer and works wonderfully for me. 

The Galaxy Chic palette is the one I used for my lid color. (I used the pink on the far right of the top row called Comet, I think) 

I also had a bit of vibrant pink matte tone from my LA Colors quint in the palette called Wildflowers to warm up my brow bone a bit. (No, it wasn't a shocking pink. I used it in a sheer fashion.)

You can find these wonderful palettes at or they are also available on . LA Colors can be found at your local Dollar General or at their website

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