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Friday, January 24, 2014

Eyeshadows of the Last Week

This week in eyeshadow has been mostly a homage to my new palettes by Coastal Scents ( It's an online cosmetics company that has really reasonably priced makeup in numerous different palettes or you can purchase what they call Hot Pots, individual eyeshadows, for $2 and create your own palette. I picked a lot of neutrals, green, champagne and berry tones for my Hot Pots. Plus I have two other smaller Hot Pot palettes (Winterberry and Fall Festival) that I am looking forward to breaking into soon. Lots of color selection with these and just plain awesomesauce. Their Revealed palette, which is what I used for my Friday look, is a dupe (duplicate) for the Naked and Naked2 palettes by Urban Decay Cosmetics). Neutral shades galore in that one. Plus a lot of matte shades that make buffing out and defining the crease a real easy job.

The shipping was cray-cray but in a good way. Everything was bundled so tight in foam and bubble wrap that nuthin was gonna break those shadows. :) I also purchased two crease brushes that I am totally loving too. Just one fab company.

On Wednesday I was giving love to some of my Revlon ColorStay quads. They were both new for me (I have a lot of these quads. I have a makeup eyeshadow crush with my Revlon quads) in the colors Addictive and Harmonious. Addictive is a real neutral keeper. A must have for any collection. Put this in your makeup bag and you will be set for a week away. But the Harmonious has two bright shades, an orange and green, that I was just dying to try. Wednesday was all about the orange shade.

Tuesday I pulled out my BH Cosmetics ( Galaxy Chic palette. This is a palette of baked eyeshadows that you can use either wet or dry. I went for a pink look and some brownish Mars color on the outer edge. This palette doesn't have matte shades so I pulled out my Lorac Pro Palette to use that lovely Mauve shade that went so well with the pink lid color. I have a BH Cosmetics 88 Palette that is filled with neutral shades that I really need to dig into more. Plus, my Malibu and San Francisco palettes are tres fab too!

Monday I was in NYX country using my Love in Paris 9pan in the neutral / orange-ish range. It is called Let Them Eat Cake, and this is probably my favorite 9pan of the 5 that I have from this line. I used a cream eyeshadow (Not Just Nudes) by Revlon to give my lid a way to grab the color from my L'Oreal Infallible eyeshdaow pressed pigment in the color Eternal Sunshine. I am in LOVE with the Infallible eyeshadows. Someday I might have them all but for now, I think I have 6. I have two little palettes of the Revlon cream shadows and I think I definitely need to check out more of these things. I just love, love, love them!

This was the week in eyeshadows for me. As for my lips, I went mostly with the nude lip. I look a bit odd wearing too bright a color. Maybe someday I will grow into it.

I used to put my Eyeshadow of the Day on my Facebook page but people in my RL kept asking me if I was sponsored by Revlon or whatever company I was talking about that day. So, I moved my posts to Twitter. You can see my Twitter feed from the last week at the right. Plus, I got a couple of cool shoutouts from cosmetics companies. It is always neat when big companies like that acknowledge the little guy.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay beautiful and let me know what eyeshadows you are loving and wearing.

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