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Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites Praises and BooHoos - end of January edition

Wet n Wild Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil

Friday Favorites in Beauty.


I have been waffling back and forth between a lot of different foundations lately. I tried a sample of the CK One Foundation and OMG, that is great. My sample was in the shade Sand which is a bit too dark for me but it really worked on my skin tone for some reason. The foundation is a bit on the expensive side, I mean, since it is Calvin Klein. It runs about $30. Other foundations I have been working with this week are the Dream Mousse from Maybelline in shade #2 Classic Ivory, TruBlend by Covergirl in L2 which I think might also be Creamy Ivory or Classic Ivory not sure which. But the TruBlend has a tendency to turn a bit orange due to oxidation. I am keeping my eye on this one. I may not keep using it if I turn into an orange pop.

And somehow I actually managed to finish a Fit Me Stick foundation that I am just loving for its ease of use.  I picked up a new one of those that I had in my back up drawer in the shade 115. I might try a tad darker shade just to see if it fits my complection better but I can't complain about this product. It is so easy. Just scribble it all over your face and blend with a brush. Easy peasy. I also have the Fit Me in the liquid foundation. I just have too many foundations open right now.
BH Cosmetics Blush in Iris


My go-to bronzer has been the Wet N Wild Ticket To Brazil. I initially thought this would be too dark for me but it is turning out to be such a dream for warming up my face. Love it.


I picked up some of the Master Highlight Blushes that Maybelline has out right now in the shades Mauve, Nude and Coral. Love them all. Also been using my Milani Lumonioso quite a bit. And last night I pulled out my BH Cosmetics blush in Iris and was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it is. It has a dark and light shade and it really gives you a nice flush.

Dream Catcher Palette - Dusk Til Dawn — NYX Cosmetics
Revlon Cream Eyeshadow - Not Just Nudes


I have been loving my Revlon cream eyeshadow quads every day this week. Not Just Nudes is awesome. Recommend it highly. You can use it alone or as a base to keep those eyeshadows really sticking to your lid. I even picked up two more quads last weekend so now I have 4 quads of these lovely cream shades. Can you say obsessed? Also as an eyelid primer I use the Wet N Wild Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer. It is just as good as those high-end brand but cheaper.

I have posted my tweets from the last week showing which eyeshadows I've used. I had bought both Naked and Naked 2 palettes at the end of December and didn't find myself reaching for the Naked palette. Today, Friday, I thought I'd pull it out to see what all the fuss was about. I had really been grooving with the Naked 2 surprised that I really liked the cool tones. But the warm tones of the original Naked palette really surprised me this morning. I did a bit of a brown eye look with Toasted, Buck and Smog.

NYX has been on my eyes quite a bit this week. I bought a slew of things by them from We don't have that great a selection of NYX at my Goody's and I knew for certain that they wouldn't have any of the new awesome stuff I had been seeing online. I picked up some more of the Love in Paris 9-pans that were all in neutral shades and a Love in Rio that had a great orange and green in it. The Dream Catcher palette in the shades Dusk Till Dawn was quite pigmented and lovely for my Thursday look. I also picked up the Adorable palette that I can't wait to try. The jumbo chubby stick in Cashmere has been also used as a cream base this week when I wasn't using the Revlon cream base.

Pulled out the Balm's Nude-Tude palette on Monday and this is just an awesome palette. There are some haters out there of this loveliness but people like what they like. I did a nice pink look that could rival any look the Naked 3 could come up with.

Nailpolish. On my nails all week has been Ladylike by Essie with an accent nail in L'Oreal Eiffel For You. These barely there shades just fit my attitude this week. Love them both. 

So, those are my favorites. Love to hear what you are loving. Let me know. 

Stay beautiful!

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