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Friday, February 28, 2014

February Favorites - Praises and BooHoos

BH Cosmetics Forever Nude palette, NYX Love in Paris 9-Pans, Too Faced
Chocolate Bar palette, and BH Cosmetics blushes in Daisy & Lilac

February Favorites

Yes, I have been a naughty girl and have not given this blog much love this month. So, here it is the last day of February and I am giving you a glimpse of what I have been loving in February.

Here is a list of the goods:

  • • It's Judy Time palette by BH Cosmetics
  • • Forever Nude palette by BH Cosmetics
  • • Daisy and Lilac blushes by BH Cosmetics
  • • Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced
  • • NYX Love in Paris 9-pan palette in Parisian Chic
  • • NYX Love in Paris 9-pan palette in Madeleines & Macaroons
  • • L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow singles in Iced Latte, Eternal Sunshine and Amber Rush
  • • Lorac Pro palette and Lorac Unzipped palette
  • • Nude-tude palette by The Balm

BH Cosmetics has been the winner for me again this month. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER, man it is SO good! One way or another I have had some product by BH on my eyes or cheeks nearly every day this month. The Forever Nude and It's Judy Time palettes have the shades that you just need in an everyday look. When using another palette like the Lorac Pro palette, I find myself adding shadows from Forever Nude just to give it a bit of extra jazz. I'm just crazy that way. I am SO glad BH added such wonderful matte shades in these two palettes. Thank you, BH! I only wish the It's Heart palette had some equally awesome mattes. I would definitely be picking it up more if it had them. Next month I'm going to make a bigger attempt to dig into my It's Heart palette, 60's palette, Galaxy Chic palette, San Francisco palette and Malibu palettes. I feel like I have been ignoring the big time. Time to spread out the love.

Am I gushing too much about BH? I can't help it! When you do things well,... well, people gush. Everyone needs the Forever Nude and It's Judy Time palettes in their lives! A must have for sure! Color me obsessed.

And the blushes, of which I have three, are equally awesome. They have not only a blush but a coordinated highlighter in each small package. I have the Daisy, Lilac and Tulip blushes. This month it has been about the Daisy and Lilac blushes. Just so natural and wonderful. It's like putting fresh flower petals on your cheeks for that perfect tone of color. Love them. Get them! Go now!

For some reason I have taken half of the month and made it a no bronzer zone. I feel like I was way too bronzy lately. Too heavy a hand, I guess. And this made my blushes stand out so much more. So I had to use a delicate hand with blush because the BH blush is just uber pigmented.
Lorac Pro Palette, The Balm Nude-tude, Lorac Unzipped
Palette, and the L'Oreal Infallible shadows in
Cafe Latte, Eternal Sunshine and Amber Rush

Other eyeshadows I was loving were all in the neutral range. the NYX 9-pans are just the right shade for anyone. They have both warm and cool tones in these two little palettes. A perfect mix of mattes and shimmers. And then add in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, that has packaging that not only looks like a chocolate bar but the shadows actually SMELL like a chocolate bar. Apparently, they are made with cocoa power in them. Weird, eh? These shadows are just so pigmented. And you get a great range in this palette too. Love it.

When I went around watching other beauty gurus talk about makeup, nearly every one would mention either the Lorac Pro Palette, the Lorac Unzipped palette or the Nude-tude palette. I purchased them all at Kohl's. And they are definitely worth the money. The Lorac Pro palette has a row of matte shades and a row of shimmer. Enough for any pickey eyeshadow girlie. The Lorac unzipped has this great collection of rosy tones that perfectly accent the BH Cosmetics Forever Nude palette. And they just look lovely on any eye. And the Nude-tude is the perfect go-to natural palette. You can't go wrong with any of these. And I was loving them all this month. Then to end the month on a high note, I absolute am in awe about the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows. They are a pressed pigments and so perfectly, um, pigmented, that they are just like BAM! Awesome. The three I used this month would make a great one eyeshadow shadow look. Cafe Latte, Eternal Sunshine and Amber Rush. I also have a lovely Gilded Green and Bronzed Topaz that are the also.  I don't have the limited edition Burst into Bloom one, because I am not a purple eyeshadow girl, but I hear it is just getting raves all around.

As for my BooHoo this month, I'd have to say it was the new foundation that CoverGirl came out with. It oxidizes so badly on my skin that by the time I get home at night I look like I had applied some sunless tanner on my skin. Ugh. So annoying. Oh, well. But the Naked foundation by Revlon, Neutrogena Healthy Skin and the L'Oreal True Match foundations make up for it in spades.

Well, that's all for me for now. I hope you are having a fantastic day.

Blessings and Salutations!

Be well and stay beautiful!

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