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Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites and a BH Cosmetics Haul

I have been really impressed with the eyeshadows that I have received from  BH Cosmetics in the two shipments I have purchased items from them. They are a strictly online cosmetics company. This last week I  got a few more goodies and I have to say I am in love, love, love with the Forever Nude Palette. It's one of their newest offerings on their site. It is SO Awesome! The eyeshadows are just my style. Rosy and wonderful. Definitely recommend this one! 

I also picked up a few other things as well. The That's Heart palette is a good palette  but it does not have a matte color and that surprises me considering it was fashioned by a YouTube beauty guru. The beauty gurus on YouTube all talk about how you "have" to have a matte color for your crease and brow bone. This palette doesn't have this necessity. I also picked up another YouTube beauty guru palette that BH produces called the It's Judy Time palette. I haven't had time to dig into this particular one yet, but it is looking lovely and bronze-like. The other things in my shipment were the Forever Glam palette, a lipstick in the color Tea Time and two blushes. I had one blush and was impressed by it and had to have more. I am happier with the products that BH Cosmetics puts out on its own and not so much with the commercially available palettes like the 88 and 120 palettes. Yes, they are good, but this other stuff they do, it is great. Keep up the good work, BH!

Not too many other favorites this week. I have been loving a neutral palette by NYX called Madeleines and Macaroons. It is one of their Love in Paris 9-pan shadows. Just outstanding. And you wouldn't get that impression by just looking at the product. It just must go greatly with my skin tone or something. But it is fab-u-lust!

The other two things I am really getting into in the last two weeks since my last blog post are all by Maybelline. I picked up one of their Bouncy Blushes in the color Coffee Cake. It is just wonderful. I hear all the YouTube gurus say that you have to stick to the darkest shade in this cream blush line because they are not pigmented. That is their claim. Well, I don't know what cream blush they are referring to because the one I picked up was DA BOMB! It goes really great with my skin tone and gives me a lovely glow. I didn't think I would get so into cream blush, but I am totally digging it. Then I also got a few things from their new line that came out in 2014. It is their Master Glaze Blush Sticks and the Master Glaze Hi-Light Blushes. These are equally DA-BOMB with the bouncy blushes. I have the shades Nude, Just Pinched Pink and Coral in the Glaze and Mauve, Nude and Coral in the blushes. The nude shades are really my favorite and the Just Pinched Pink is a shade brighter. Totally recommend you pick these up. Like Goldilocks would say, they are just right!

Well, my favorites are few and far between this week. I am a bit disappointed in myself. I got these great high-end products like the Naked, Naked2, Vice2 and Chocolate Bar palette but I am just a bit meh about them all. I could take them or leave them. Yes, they are great. Great shades. Lovely in fact, but there are other things I am just Jones-ing for these days.

If you haven't tried out BH Cosmetics then check out their website. They always have a deal or two in the mix.

Until next time,

Stay Beautiful, and do what you love!

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