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Friday, March 7, 2014

Top 11 Books of All Time

Currently, I am reading Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. It's set in a distopian society where the world is not how it is today. This gal, Juliette, has a strange affliction. Everyone she touches dies. And now an evil son of a corporate/government type of unit want to use her "talents" for their own ends. It is pretty great. I'm about three-fourths the way through. 

I am interested in what you are currently reading or just plan to read sometime.

Here are my Top 11 Books of All Time to give you some ideas if you are looking for inspiration.

1. Unlimited Power - by Anthony Robbins

2. Awaken The Giant Within - by Anthony Robbins

3. The Complete Sherlock Holmes - by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

4. You Can't Afford The Luxury of A Negative Thought (and Life 101) - by Peter and John-Roger McWilliams

5. Take Time For Your Life - by Cheryl Richardson

6. What Happy People Know - by Dan Baker

7. Reinvent Yourself - by Steve Chandlee

8. Life's Greatest Lessons - by Hal Urban

9. The Artist's Way - by Julia Cameron

10. The Success Principles - by Jack Canfield

11. Ask & It Is Given - by Ester and Jerry Hicks

I hope this inspires you to pick up a book and read. Let me know what you plan to read and write your own top 11 list. And don't forget to tag me in the post.

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