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Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Review: Diner Impossible (A Rose Strickland Mystery)

I reviewed this back in November of 2013 but I thought I'd add the review here so it is with the others i have done.

Diner Impossible (A Rose Strickland Mystery)
by Terri L. Austin

  • Print Length: 282 pages
  • Publisher: Henery Press; 1 edition (November 12, 2013)

This is my first review for the funky and very cool, Henery Press and I am a bit freaked that I have to provide a negative review to such a cool company.

I received a promotional copy of this book via NetGalley and I feel bad that my first review for Henery Press is going to be negative. I had a heck of a time getting through this book. I struggled to read it. And as an avid reader and owner of over 1,000 books, I wanted flow and colorful characters and a great mystery, and all I got was running from place to place, awkward placings of minor characters into the story and dull dialogue. I wanted to love it, but it fell short for me.

The beginning was slow and never really hooked me into reading further which I would not have if I had just been reading it for enjoyment. But since I was reviewing it, I wanted to give the book a chance. Hooking the reader at the beginning is very important. I understand that this is a second book in a series of Rose Strickland Mysteries but we still need to be reintroduced to characters in every book so those of us who have not read the first book can get enjoyment out of this one.

Rose Strickland, the main protagonist, seemed to meander from scene to scene in a dull trance and from suspect to suspect searching for clues to the murder of a shady lady who was the most finely honed character in the book and she was the dead one.

I wanted witty banter, you know, like Kate Beckett and Richard Castle in an excellent episode of the ABC crime drama, Castle. I wish the cop, Sullivan and Rose could have done a cool investigation together, but they were thrust apart at the very beginning only seeing each other occasionally. So, when Rose suddenly realizes she's in love with said cop, I was like.... 'what?! When did that happen?'

If I was the author, which I'm not so it's a moot point, I would have revised the entire thing. Make it more interesting. Punch up the drama. Really knock my socks off with dialogue that both cracks me up and makes me see the eureka moment when Rose finally solves the case. I want to cheer her on and I was mostly asking myself... when will this be over?

One of the things that is most excellent, as it is in most Henery Press books, is that the cover of the cozy mystery is fabulous! Henery Press does an awesome job of both promoting their material and really making it eye catching and prodding us to pick up their latest literary offering.

This book won't keep me from reading other Terri L. Austin material. In fact, later in the year I will re-read this and make sure my review is correct. If you love a mystery that is fun and funky, this might be for you. But if you are looking for text in flow that makes you stay up at night to finish it, this might be something you want to pass right on by

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