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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Thief (The Scarab Beetle #1)

by C.L. Stone (Goodreads Author)
Kindle Edition, 420 pages
Published February 26th 2014 by Arcato Publishing

I thought this was a good book. Interesting premise but I had a bit of a problem with how the main character's relationships with the Academy boys was portrayed. Kayti was a bit of a player. I think she kissed or had feelings for nearly every boy in the Academy. She even makes out with the bad guy too. What is this behavior teaching our youth? Other than that, the plot line was good. I enjoyed the written voice the text gives as you read. It's really easy to read. It has a flow. If Goodreads had a 1/2 pt rating system I would have only given this book 3.5 Stars. Not my favorite book but not bad either.

I can only guess what "The Scarab Beetle" means in the main title of the series arc. There was no mention of Beetle or Scarab anything in this book which I found odd so why is this series entitled "The Scarab Beetle?"

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