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Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Review: Imagine That (Covington Falls Chronicles #3) by Kristin Wallace

Imagine That
by Kristin Wallace (Goodreads Author)
Published July 1st 2014 by Smashwords Edition

Goodreads synopsos: Children’s author Emily Sinclair was supposed to be the next J.K. Rowling…Until her second book flopped and her imagination went on the fritz. Like the storybook heroes of her childhood, Emily sets out on an epic adventure to find inspiration again. Till a dead car lands her in Covington Falls, a small Southern town with a healing power of its own. Soon Emily is taking up her quest, looking for inspiration driving a mobile library van, as a companion to a crotchety old woman and her insomniac dog, and as a very ungraceful baker’s assistant. Of course, what really sparks her romantic fantasies is a valiant hero, though he wields a paint roller instead of a sword.

This is my third Kristin Wallace book and let me tell you, this girl delivers. I don't think I have come away from one of her books without grabbing the tissues because the waterworks are on! She just knows how to grab you in your heart and squeeze. It is just an amazing ride to read her books. This book was just as wonderful as the rest. And I dearly hope there are more in the works. I hear she may have a novella in a Christmas anthology, crossing my fingers!

Emily has lost her mojo. Her parents and siblings are all literary authors. They write books nothing like Emily does. She is all about fantasy and YA and excitement and her families books are just, in a word, boring! And they do not support Emily emotionally one iota. And that is just sad.

Emily is looking for experiences to wake up her sleeping writing demon and the reason it is sleeping has everything to do with old emotional pain caused by her sister stealing her man all those years ago.

Her help her deal with all the pain is Nate but he is just as conflicted since his ailing mother is on the doorstep of death. And he is faced with caring for a younger sibling all on his own while owning a thriving house painting business.

In a high school yearbook these two would have been voted least likely to hook up but somehow God makes even the most unlikely things work out for his good.

Just a wonderful, heart-wrenching story. This series is a must read!

5 Stars

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