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Friday, September 23, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Heart Conditions (The Breakup Doctor #3) by Phoebe Fox

Heart Conditions (The Breakup Doctor #3)
by Phoebe Fox (Goodreads Author)

Paperback, first, 278 pages
Published February 9th 2016 by Henery Press

Goodreads synopsis:
Breakup Doctor Brook Ogden has spent the last year sifting through the fallout from the disastrous decision that led to her unconscious uncoupling with boyfriend Ben Garrett. Despite advising her clients you can’t be friends with an ex, she and Ben have somehow begun to stitch together a friendship—one Brook hopes is slowly turning into more. That is, until Ben introduces his new girlfriend, Perfect Pamela, a paragon of womanly virtues who is everything Brook is not. 
   While Brook navigates her newly volatile emotional life, an unwelcome surprise shows up on her doorstep: the ex-fiancĂ© who broke her heart two years ago—one month before their wedding. Between her ex’s desire to rekindle their attachment, her best friend Sasha’s unexpected crisis, and her own unsquelchable feelings for Ben, Brook finds herself questioning the personal progress she’s made in the last two years—and threatened with the highest-stakes Breakup Doctor failures she’s ever faced.

5 Stars

Phoebe Fox did it to me again. I can’t read one of her books without breaking into a few bouts of ugly crying. It is so easy to connect with her main character, Brook that you forget that this whole scenario isn’t real; it’s only fictional. I slyly look around seeing if anyone is noticing my tears and if I might have to explain my sudden emotional-ness. I get the big lump in my throat too. The whole shebang. I walk around saying to myself, “breathe, breathe.”

The book starts out with Ben dating a new lady, the prefect woman, Pam. And Brook can’t hate her because she is just… perfect. Of course, that makes any scenes with Ben all the more awkward since she starts taking care of Ben’s dog, Jake, when he is working.

Then enter Michael. Yes, that Michael. The one who broke her heart and didn’t even make it to the cake tasting during the process of their wedding plans. But Michael has shed his late night musician vibe and is now touting himself as Brook’s new promotional expert. First agenda … making Brook not go to one of her radio show appearances. I must not know how to play “the game” because this part of the book just gave me the willies. I am one of those people pleaser types and not doing my job to the best of my ability would make me break out into hives.

I don’t want to giveaway too much but it soon becomes a battle of Brook’s emotions… Ben or Michael? Who will she give her heart to? Or will she walk away alone again?

The entire mix is disrupted by her best friend, Sacha (her brother, Stu’s, girlfriend), acting all sorts of weird and keeping secrets from her. Then Stu starts acting weird too and now Brook is determined to discover the cause of it all. And everything she tries backfires to the point that Brook wonders if she and Sacha will remain friends at all.

All in all, this was one amazing roller-coaster of a book that I definitely recommend to anyone. Check it out. It is book 3 in the Breakup Doctor series. Book 4 will be out soon called Out of Practice.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the author, Phoebe Fox and the publisher, the amazing Henery Press for allowing me to read this title.

Friday, September 16, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: A Geek Girl's Guide to Arsenic (Geek Girl Mysteries #2) by Julie Anne Lindsey

A Geek Girl's Guide to Arsenic (Geek Girl Mysteries #2)
by Julie Anne Lindsey (Goodreads Author)
Published March 6th 2016 by Carina Press

Goodreads synopsis:
It's been three months since Jake Archer rolled into town, accused Mia Connors of murder and stole her heart. She hasn't heard from him since. So when a man collapses at the fall Renaissance Faire, she's surprised to see the US marshal arrive on scene. And shocked when he points the finger at her—again. Mia would sooner be able to resurrect the poor fellow than poison him.
   Jake Archer's career has been rising fast, but it's about to come to a crashing halt. The Ren-Faire victim was in protective custody—Jake's custody—and they were painfully close to nabbing a major crime boss. If Jake doesn't solve the murder soon, he'll be fetching donuts instead of protecting his nation. A difficult enough task without the alluring Mia Connors in the way.
   Working with Jake to catch the killer might push Mia into crazy-cat-lady territory. But with a murderer on the loose—and Mia's reputation on the line—they'll have to work fast to find the killer before the killer finds them.

4.5 Stars

I knocked off half a star on this second Geek Girl offering because I felt like the story got a bit slow and confused at about the 3/4th point through the book. I am not saying it was bad, not by any stretch but it dragged and I felt like other people who weren’t as invested as I was wouldn’t stick around the discover the exciting conclusion.

I liked how the author played fair and did introduce us to the ultimate villain of the piece early on. A lot of authors keep that hidden and I usually feel a bit agrivated when i don’t have the opportunity to guess whodunit along with the main character.

This story is still amazing and I still marvel at Jake and how blind he can be to his own feelings. But I guess the back and the forth of will they or won’t they get together is sort of what keeps the story exciting. I don’t want the Moonlighting effect to be cast on my new favorite couple.

This is a definite keeper. You should go out and buy this one quick. And don’t forget to read book one: The Geek Girl’s Guide to Murder. (I gave it 5 stars and my best new series rating)

I am excited about this series and I look forward to book three: Geek Girl’s Guide to Justice.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the author, Julie Anne Lindsey and the publisher Carina Press for allowing me to read this fantastic title.

Friday, September 9, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Geek Girl's Guide to Murder by Julie Anne Lindsey

A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder (Geek Girl Mysteries #1)
by Julie Anne Lindsey (Goodreads Author)
Published August 31st 2015 by Carina Press

Goodreads synopsis:
IT manager Mia Connors is up to her tortoiseshell glasses in technical drama when a glitch in the Horseshoe Falls email system disrupts security and sends errant messages to residents of the gated community. The snafu’s timing couldn’t be worse—Renaissance Faire season is in full swing and Mia’s family’s business relies on her presence.
   Mia doesn’t have time to hunt down a computer hacker. Her best friend has disappeared, and she finds another of her friends murdered—in her office. When the hunky new head of Horseshoe Falls security identifies Mia as the prime suspect, her anxiety level registers on the Richter scale.
   Eager to clear her name, Mia moves into action to locate her missing buddy and find out who killed their friend. But her quick tongue gets her into trouble with more than the new head of security. When Mia begins receiving threats, the killer makes it clear that he's closer than she’d ever imagined


IT Manager, Mia Connors is the Horseshoe Falls it girl. She dresses in costume even on a normal day and love the vintage, steampunk look. So, it is easy to say, she is not your everyday ordinary gal. Her family owns a beauty company that is targeted for the Renaissance Faire crowd. And she is the face of the company. Everything about Mia is just uber cool.

Mia’s coolness is tested when one of her best friends is found dead in her office and her other friend, Nate has disappeared. Ever Jake Archer, new temporary security head. He is a sort of by-the-book type of guy and he thinks he has found a prime suspect in Mia. 

The timing for all this nonsense is not good because the Renaissance Faire season is in full swing. And this is the best time for her family to make money on her Grandmother’s beauty products.

Then Mia decides to investigate the death of her friend and try and locate Nate but she keeps bumping into the new security dude who seems to be everywhere. And strangely enough the homicide detective on the case is Jake Archer’s brother, Dan. Things that make you go, HUM.

Meanwhile, in her favorite virtual game, Reign, her uber enemy Punisher is raining holy heck on her kingdom. Then when the threats get personal, Mia begins to suspect that her online rival might want her out of the picture permanently.

This is my favorite new series of the year. Book two is called Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic. I am halfway through and it is just as awesome as this one. Book three is coming out soon called Geek Girl’s Guide to Justice. I am sure that will be a winner as well. Definitely check out this series.

   I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the author, Julie Anne Lindsay, and the Publisher for allowing me to read this title.

BOOK REVIEW: Psychic Intelligence by Linda & Terry Jamison

Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition
Hardcover, 240 pages
Published June 21st 2011 by Grand Central Life & Style (first published January 1st 2011)

Goodreads synopsis:
The Psychic Twins have amazed audiences all over the world with their eerie predictions that have proven to be true, including the events of 9/11, the Times Square Terrorist incident, natural disasters and more. They've also worked with countless clients who report that their predictions later came to be true. Although the Twins have an undeniable gift in this area, we all have psychic capabilities-- and in this book they show you how to strengthen your own, look into your future, and change your destiny. 
     In PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE, Terry and Linda Jamison explain, step-by-step, how to dissolve the blocks that can prevent you from using and trusting your own intuition. By exploring what they call the Four Clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, you will be able to tap into these feelings and in turn:
--Create strong and worthwhile relationships, including finding true love
--Attract wealth and abundance
-Know when to make a career change, and what the new path should be
--Experience vibrant health
--Discover your authentic self and life's purpose

     Now, at a time of real economic and social uncertainty, when hope is needed and so many are feeling confused and fearful,PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE will show readers that we all have the power to tap into and control our own destiny.

4 Stars

The Psychic Twins, Terri andLinda Jamison have predicted all sorts of events and this book shows you how to access your own abilities. They say everyone has them. They say you can do it too.

There are a lot of places where you should stop and do the experiments and see how it all works for yourself and I know that I should go back and reread sections in order to familiar myself with the process. They give a lot of good tips and if you are interested in growing your psychic abilities you can’t go wrong by getting tips straight from those who are in the know.

Definitely check this one out if you are big on spirituality and want to grow your own intuition.

This book took me a long time to read because I bought it from the Mac ebook store and I barely use my book app on my iPod Touch anymore. I know, bad me.

I paid for this book with my own money.

BOOK REVIEW: The Rome Affair by Addison Fox

The Rome Affair (The House of Steele #3)
by Addison Fox (Goodreads Author)
Paperback, 288 pages
Published March 4th 2014 by Harlequin (first published January 1st 2014)

Goodreads synopsis:
Two security experts must work too closely for comfort in Addison Fox's The Rome Affair 
   Jack Andrews has once again snatched a covetable job from the House of Steele. But now that the assignment has gotten complicated, he must call upon the last person he wants to ask for help: Kensington Steele. Jack never flinches at danger, but working side by side with his fascinating, sexy competitor might be more than he can handle. 
   When the assignment brings them to the Italian vineyard of a corrupt diplomat, Kensington vows to keep things professional, even if working as a team fans the flames of their mutual desire. But once a murderer begins stalking them, they realize getting close may be the only way they'll survive….

4 Stars

I have been following this House of Steele series by Harlequin Romantic Suspense for awhile now. This is book three in the series by Addison Fox. House of Steele is a family run security company and the main character, Kensington Steele is the level-headed one of the bunch. She gets a bit miffed when competitor Jack Andrews keeps outbidding her for clients. And when he asks her to help him with the current client he outbid her for, she wonders what the heck is up with this?

She finally relents after much prompting from Jack, whom she has an attraction for that she has not completely owned up to even in her own mind. They travel to Rome and are immediately placed in the fray. They find angry opponents in Italy when looking into the affairs of a diplomat and the recent murder of a vineyard owner. It leads them to being under the gun to find out who is behind the looming conspiracy before they lose their own lives in the process.

I felt this book wasn’t as good as the previous two I had read. I didn’t feel the connection between Jack and Kensington as I did with Fox’s previous characters. But beyond that, I enjoyed this book.

I paid for this book with my own money.

BOOK REVIEW: Cursed by Benedict Jacka

by Benedict Jacka (Goodreads Author)
Paperback, USA Edition, 293 pages
Published May 29th 2012 by Ace (first published January 1st 2012)

Benedict Jacka's acclaimed Alex Verus series continues with Cursed.

Since his second sight made him infamous for defeating powerful dark mages, Alex has been keeping his head down. But now he's discovered the resurgence of a forbidden ritual. Someone is harvesting the life-force of magical creatures—destroying them in the process. And draining humans is next on the agenda. Hired to investigate, Alex realizes that not everyone on the Council wants him delving any deeper. Struggling to distinguish ally from enemy, he finds himself the target of those who would risk their own sanity for power...

4 Stars

Alex Versa is a diviner. He can see multiple versions of the future and where those timelines  might lead. From there he decides which version of reality he wants to take by taking the next step toward that reality. Alex is also smart and quick thinking. He knows when not to dabble in there strange and possibly dangerous areas of life.

Alex gets pulled into a war between people who want to drain magic out of magical creatures. Apparently when you separate a person from his magic, that person dies. Someone is trying to invent a process where the person says intact. 

This book reminded me a lot of the Harry Dresden novels except that Harry is a wizard and Alex a diviner. The book was easy to follow even though I had not read book one in the series. I had picked up this book at Dollar General for either $1 or $3. Either way, I got a lot of bang for my buck. This is definitely an interesting series to follow if you are interested in the fantasy genre. Highly recommend this one, guys.

I paid for this book with my own money.

BOOK REVIEW: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1)
by Laini Taylor (Goodreads Author)
Hardcover, US, 418 pages
Published September 27th 2011 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Goodreads synopsis:
Around the world, black hand prints are appearing on doorways, scorched there by winged strangers who have crept through a slit in the sky.
   In a dark and dusty shop, a devil’s supply of human teeth grows dangerously low.
   And in the tangled lanes of Prague, a young art student is about to be caught up in a brutal otherworldly war.
   Meet Karou. She fills her sketchbooks with monsters that may or may not be real, she’s prone to disappearing on mysterious "errands", she speaks many languages - not all of them human - and her bright blue hair actually grows out of her head that color. Who is she? That is the question that haunts her, and she’s about to find out.
   When beautiful, haunted Akiva fixes fiery eyes on her in an alley in Marrakesh, the result is blood and starlight, secrets unveiled, and a star-crossed love whose roots drink deep of a violent past. But will Karou live to regret learning the truth about herself?

4 Stars

This was my first venture into the fantasy realm and I wasn’t disappointed. I was intrigued by Karou, main character gal, who is an artist. I seemed to be able to relate to her even though I am far from the target market for this type of book. Karou  lives in Prague which was also intriguing to me. I love learning about other cities. She is a collector of teeth for a monster chimera which lives in another dimension. She gains access through these doorways and suddenly her route is cut off by an angel who is triggering memories in her. She is piece by piece discovering who she really is… or was.

This book tends to jump back and forth between Karou in the present and Madrigal ion the past. That part could get a bit confusing. But I was glad I was listening to the audio version of it because that kept me from being so confused. I guess I am a better listener than a reader because the info gained from listening was much greater for me.

I wasn’t too happy with the ending but what did I expect? It was the first book in a three book series. Things must go awry before they can be resolved.

I bought this book with my own money.

BOOK REVIEW: The Unexpected Hero by Rachel Lee

Paperback, 216 pages
Published July 1st 2009 by Harlequin (first published January 1st 2009)

Goodreads synopsis:
Nurse practitioner Kristin Tate had hoped her new job would be a welcome change from her military tragedy--not a chance for Dr. David Marcus to set her vulnerable heart on fire. But there was more to the handsome doctor than his rough, war-hardened exterior suggested, and soon Krissie wondered if she had finally found the love she desperately craved....Until patients started dying and she became a suspect for murder.David knew the beautiful nurse wasn't a killer, and powerful feelings for her threatened his best-laid plans. With evidence mounting, could he help clear Krissie's name before she turned up on someone's fatal list?

4 Stars

It has been awhile since I enjoyed the exploits of a Harlequin Romance but they don’t seem to call to me as much as they used to. I am enthralled by the cozy mystery now.

Kristin Tate is a veteran and starting a new job fresh from a breakup of a dysfunctional relationship. She doesn’t make a good impression on the main doctor on the ER floor, Dr. David Marcus. Then someone on her first day dies under mysterious circumstances and the stigma that started her first day continues as they all think she had something to do with the strange death. Someone is out to prove that Kristin is a killer and they are doing a very good job at it.

This book kept my interest , which has been a challenge for me lately. The plot piqued my interest as I tried to discover whodunit. I enjoyed all the back and forth play between Kristin and David which was the best part of the whole book.

This is definitely a good choice if you love romantic suspense or intrigue. It will keep you guessing until the very end. Definitely an exciting read.

I paid for this book with my own money.