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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Silenced (Krewe of Hunters #15) by Heather Graham

by Heather Graham (Goodreads Author)
Paperback, 352 pages
Published June 30th 2015 by Mira

Goodreads synopsis:
Where is Lara Mayhew? 
Lara, a congressman's media assistant, suddenly quits her job—and disappears on the way to her Washington, DC, apartment. 
   Novice FBI agent Meg Murray, a childhood friend of Lara's, gets a message from her that same night, a message that says she's disillusioned and "going home." To Richmond, Virginia. Meg discovers that she never got there. And bodies fitting Lara's description are showing up in nearby rivers… Could she be the victim of a serial killer? 
   Meg is assigned to work with special agent Matt Bosworth, a hard-nosed pro in the FBI's unit of paranormal investigators—the Krewe of Hunters. They trace the route Meg and Lara took more than once in the past, visiting battlefields and graveyards from Harpers Ferry to Gettysburg. Places where the dead share their secrets with those who can hear… As Meg and Matt pursue the possibility of a serial killer, they find themselves in the middle of a political conspiracy. Is there a connection? And who—besides each other—can they trust?


4 Stars

I have been reading this series out of order…. gee, I’ll bet you’re surprised by that, huh? LOL. But the good thing about reading the Krewe series in this way is knowing that each book is a stand alone and you don’t need to read a previous book to get you up on what’s going on in the series as a whole. I love it when authors are so cognizant of that fact.

This book just pulls you into the action right from the get-go. I had been reading other books at the same time as this one but because of the exciting pace and thoroughly enjoyable storyline, I stuck with this book until the end. Heather Graham is great at pulling us into the storyline and never letting go of us.

I am a little gleeful that I figured out who dun it… at least mostly figured it out. But the ending was still a surprise worth discovering.

I gave this book four stars because I was taken by surprise by the first love scene. It sort of snuck up on me and I was left wondering where the build-up to it was?… Had I missed reading something important that would let me know these two were thinking of hitting the hay together?

Besides that this read was a great roller-coaster of a book that I think every Heather Graham fan has come to expect. I look forward to reading more in this Krewe series.

I bought this book with my own money

Monday, October 3, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Diary of an Asset by Stasha Eriksen

Diary of an Asset: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy
Kindle Edition, 109 pages
Published May 25th 2016

Goodreads synopsis:
My name is Sophia Snow. 
I am the product of a government experiment. 
My role in this project falls under several titles: 
asset, psychic spy, remote viewer and sleeper agent. 
There are countless others comparable to myself. 
An energy shift occurred inside of us in 2012, and we are now 
coming forward to share our stories. 
We are coming to the conclusion that "We" outnumber "Them" 
in population; although I am afraid it is a close call. 
I believe that we are even stronger than them, 
upon activation of our divine purpose. 
The time has come for us to discuss the missions the 
government wanted us to forget, the experiments they have 
conducted through our genetics and DNA, and the truth about 
how long this has been going on. 
I cannot speak for the other assets at this time, 
but I will begin with my story. 
Take an inside look into my personal diary. 
The events unfold through an accidental recollection that 
I had been used as a psychic spy for numerous years. 
One important thing you must keep in mind before reading my diary 
is that I never consciously chose to be part of this experiment… 
They selected me from birth. 
XO Sophia Snow

5 Stars !!!

Stasha Eriksen is a personal friend of mine and I was happy to review this book for her.

Sophia Snow has awakened to what seems a whole new world. She begins to see things other people don’t notice and this leads her on a grand journey into discovering her purpose.

She knows she was used by the government to gain intel into this whole spiritual awakening business but Sophia takes her life into her own hands and begins to figure out what is really going on in this thing we call life.

There was a great deal of research that went into creating this book and that is one of Stasha’s fortes. I really enjoyed the diary aspect of this book and it gives us a greater insight into the character in this format.

Please check this lovely book out, but be warned, there will be a cliffhanger at the end that ensures that there will be a book two… I hope.

I received this book from the author to review. I thank Stasha for allowing me to read her first novel.

BOOK REVIEW: Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox

Out of Practice (Breakup Doctor #4)
by Phoebe Fox (Goodreads Author)
ebook, 274 pages
Expected publication: October 18th 2016 by Henery Press

Goodreads synopsis:
When your relationship is on life support, the Breakup Doctor is on call. 
   There’s no shortage of broken hearts in Breakup Doctor Brook Ogden’s successful breakup counseling practice—if love is a battlefield, then Brook is the cavalry. Luckily her own love life is in full recovery: after a long, tortuous road, she and Ben Garrett are finally headed down the aisle. 
   But when a local TV personality—and former frenemy—invites Brook onto her show, she’s blindsided live on the air when the interview turns into an act of long-delayed revenge meant to publicly humiliate her. Brook’s an expert at getting back on your feet when life knocks you down, but as the blows keep piling on—with a betrayal she never saw coming and a family crisis that threatens to pull the foundation out from under her—her confidence starts slinking away. With her clients dropping her faster than a one-night stand, suddenly the Breakup Doctor’s career is in critical care. 
   Brimming with both the sublime and ridiculous aspects of love—romantic and otherwise—Out of Practice is a funny and heartwarming tale about loss, grief, and failure that will resonate with all who have loved, lost…and dared to love again.

5 Stars !!!

Yes, I gave the rare rating of 5 stars to this lovely book. It is the conclusion of the 
Breakup Doctor series and I am so glad I did not realize it was the finale going in. This book brought out so many emotions in me. And I think that is what is great about Phoebe Fox’s writing. She makes you feel things even when you think you are numb inside.

The story starts with the discovery that Brook’s father has passed away. And I was like…. WHAT?! I was sad that we did not get to go through that with Brook but i know that would make it all the more heart-wrenching.

An old high school colleague tricks Brook and blasts her on her morning television show in order to gain some payback for something Brook never actually did to her. I thought that was a bit stinky and hoped she and this frenemy would work things out with her in the end, but alas… I will leave you to discover the rest.

Brook finally has Ben in her life but it is a series of ups and downs that I think anyone can relate to. I was a blubbering mess reading this book. I even discovered that my own pain was played out in this book and I felt a bit of peace knowing how Brook would have handled advising me during an old heartbreak that never had a chance to find closure.

This was definitely one excellent book. I give it my highest recommendation. Definitely check out the entire Breakup Doctor series. You won’t be disappoiinted.

I received this book as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the author, Phoebe Fox and the publisher, Henery Press for allowing me to read this title.