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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Makeup Reboot - The Armchair Beauty Sleuth is Revived

Makeup Reboot
Drugstore Makeup Haul from my first blog post in 2013.

It’s so bizarre to stand back and watch the beauty community implode one little dig at a time. Jaclyn Hill and Tati are just a few of the people everyone is talking about right now. It is hard to know who is right and who is wrong and what is truly going on.

I am a novice armchair beauty sleuth and I got into makeup in 2013 at the age of 45. Before that I barely used makeup. I think I had a pink shimmery Cover Girl single shadow. I owned a drugstore blush that I loved but never knew the name of to ever repurchase. And a blue eyeliner that I put in my waterline because that is what you did back then. 

So, to see all the drama going on in the beauty community is a little strange. Hard to believe that these people make so much money just making videos and putting them on YouTube.

I watched a lot of these videos in 2013 and 2014. This in turn caused me to go out and buy loads of makeup. This was makeup I knew I would never need, but it was cool to have it even if I was the only one who knew I had purchased it.

Naked 1 & Naked 2 palettes, Urban Decay Vice 2 palette, Stila “In The Light Eye” palette, Nude-tude by The Balm were just a few I dropped quite a bit of change on. Even with all these shiny new things, l lost my interest in making up my face in late 2014 and returned to my usual no makeup look. And all these products I had accumulated in a year and a half (most of which were barely used) just sat in my collection. 

In the end, I find that I am a basic drugstore makeup kind of gal. I love Maybellene, Cover Girl, Loreal, Almay, Rimmel among others. Many of my favorite staples are in these brands. I guess I really just needed to branch out and see what was there before I could appreciate what I already had.

JAMbeauty89’s Jessica Braun said recently that she was watching a decluttering video and the gal had one well loved makeup palette, one lipstick and one blush. She found that astounding since she has drawers and drawers full of makeup and continues to get more each day via PR packages from makeup companies.

I am already overwhelmed by what I currently have in my collection. I can’t imagine being a beauty guru and having all that to deal with too.

I am going to start going through my collection and weeding out the old outdated stuff and creating what Andrea Matillano calls an everyday makeup drawer. And from using things on a daily basis, I will decide what really works for me and what doesn’t.

Here are the products I have been using this week:

Saturday: Maybelline Lemonade Craze palette

Sunday: Maybelline: Burgundy Bar palette

Monday: Rimmel London Glam Eyes Trio in Orion & Wet N Wild Trio in I’m Feeling Retro

Tuesday: Loreal Treasured Bronze quad with a transition color from Avon’s True Color quad in Mocha Latte

Wednesday: Almay’s Intense I-Color Liquid Shadow for hazel eyes.

I am just easing myself into the makeup thing. I have only been doing my eyeshadow right now. Maybe later I will delve into foundation and such. Wish me luck on my journey.

Hope you’re having a great makeup day today without any controversy.