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Friday, March 8, 2019

Book Review: A Crafter Hooks a Killer by Holly Quinn

A Crafter Hooks a Killer
by Holly Quinn (Goodreads Author)

Expected publication: June 11th 2019 by Crooked Lane Books

Goodreads synopsis:

Sure to delight fans of Betty Hechtman and Maggie Sefton, A Crafter Hooks a Killer is the second installment in Holly Quinn’s Handcrafted mysteries.

Community Craft proprietor Sammy Kane suspects that a tantalizing thread links the deaths of her best friend and a bestselling author. But can she weave together the clues?

Samantha “Sammy” Kane is settling into her new life in idyllic Heartsford, Wisconsin, running her late friend Kate Allen’s craft shop, Community Craft when one early June day, bestselling crochet author Jane Johnson visits Heartsford. Captivated by Community Craft, Jane devotes a chapter in her new book, Behind the Seams, to the store. Sammy is honored, though satisfaction quickly turns to shock when she finds Jane strangled to death―her cold hands clutching a copy of her most recently published book, with the words “THE END” raggedly scratched into the cover.

Heavens to Etsy! Not only must Sammy contend with the author’s inauspicious demise, she has to untie some knotty details from her own past. It turns out Kate’s death was not what it seemed, and instead somehow hooked to Jane Johnson’s demise. Handsome Detective Liam Nash is on the “skein”, more than happy to see the shop owner again, if less than enamored by her sleuthing interventions. But this was Sammy’s best friend―she has to know.

Fortunately, Sammy has a “lace” in the hole. As a child, she formed the S.H.E. detective team with her cousin, Heidi, and her sister, Ellie. Having already reconstituted their partnership, the S.H.E. team searches for a pattern behind the latest death. As the case starts to unravel, will Sammy and team be able to sidestep Liam quick enough to stitch together the clues?


4 stars

Cozy lovers and crafters of all kinds will love this new offering from Holly Quinn. The second book in the Handcrafted Mystery series. It was a well done mix of crafting and mystery.  Sammy Kane steps once again into a mystery as she has discovered the dead body of of a famous crochet book author, Jane Johnson, who was coming to her shop to do a book signing of her new crafty title. Sammy owns her best friend, Kate’s, business Community Craft. She has been keeping it going since the death of her best friend which took place before the start of this book.

It was interesting to try and follow the clues as they were dropped throughout the book. A hair clip from the 80’s only she and her best friend had created turns up in the position of the author and becomes an fascinating catalyst to spur Sammy into trying to find out what had really happened to the author and was her best friend’s death really accidental and connected?

I hadn’t read the first book in the series and that didn’t keep me from enjoying the book or knowing the backstory of characters. The author did a wonderful job of reintroducing the characters to us as she went along so no one would be left behind while trying to navigate the story.

The story was alluring and makes you want to keep reading to discover the truth Sammy is searching for. I enjoyed the characters that came back from the past and reintroduced them into Sammy’s life. And watching the relationship between her and the detective Liam Nash was humorous and sweet.

It was a good mix of everything in this book. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait to pick up book one and see how Sammy handled the first dead body she managed to trip over. :)

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

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