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Monday, April 29, 2019

60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar by Dennis Pollock

60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Kindle Edition, 194 pages
Published October 1st 2013 by Harvest House Publishers

Goodreads synopsis:
It’s projected that in 50 years, one American in three will be diabetic. Many today are well on their way to becoming a sad statistic in the war on obesity, high blood sugar, and the related diseases—including diabetes—that can result from a diet that’s seriously out of whack. In his previous bestselling book, Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar, Dennis Pollock shared his personal experience with this deadly epidemic—including his success at lowering his runaway blood sugar to acceptable levels. Now Dennis offers readers the next step in the battle: 60 practical ways to manage their blood sugar without resorting to a bland unsatisfying diet of turnips and tuna fish. In this step by step, change by change plan, readers will learn how to: reduce their intake of carbs, exercise more effectively, and shed excess weight. A must-have book for readers serious about regaining their health while also lowering their weight and increasing their energy.


4.5 Stars

I have recently read one of Dennis’s other books called “You Can Achieve Normal Blood Sugar” and this book is a bit more extensive on the basic details of Diabetes and what you can do to lower your blood sugar.

This book features in chapters the different aspects of the food and what you should and shouldn’t eat. For example, there is a chapter on potatoes which is never good in a diabetic’s diet but there are also sections on nuts and soups that are particularly helpful.

I find books like this great reference material when you discover your sugar is a bit out of control and this shows you step by step how to get that glucose number down.

I enjoy reading Pollock’s books and this one is just as great as his last.

I paid for this book with my own money.


Check out Dennis Pollick’s YouTube channel Beat Diabetes.

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