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Monday, August 5, 2019

A Pot of Tea: A Short Story (Tommy & Tuppence) by Agatha Christie

A Pot of Tea: A Short Story

Kindle Edition, 28 pages
Published August 6th 2013 by Witness Impulse

Goodreads synopsis:
Previously published in the print anthology Partners in Crime.

The Beresfords meet their first client, a man whose secret affair with a shopgirl goes terribly awry when she disappears. Tommy assures him they will find her within twenty-four hours, though it is by no means certain that they will meet this impossible deadline.


3 Stars

This is a short story by Agatha Christie featuring the characters of Tommy and Tuppance.

This story seemed like one big joke. It wasn’t really a mystery at all. It was supposed to be a new private detective agency looking to solve its first case. The case wasn’t a case at all. It was like the two of them just bilked the money out of this poor unsuspecting guy. Not nice, Chrisite! I expected more.

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