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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Broken by Aubrey Wright


Kindle Edition, 231 pages
Published May 12th 2019
Goodreads has this title under the name Damaged. Previously titled Step Bro

Goodreads synopsis:
She was broken and beautiful – and left for dead.
I found her in my father's burning-down house.
Her memory was gone. My parents were missing.
Then it hit me.
This must be my new stepsister.

They say a person can't control their feelings.
Well, I'm way beyond feelings with her.
I'm balls deep in straight obsession.

A desire to possess and protect her all at the same time.
I was doing an OK job at controlling my thoughts.
Until she walked in on me doing something... private.
Her name fresh on my lips.

I should have felt guilty.
But there's no stopping what we both wanted.
Both needed.

This off-limits romantic suspense offers one hell of a happily ever after and a surprise ending guaranteed to leave you breathless.


4 Stars

Basic premise: Cole is on the ferry to Nantucket and gets a disturbing call from his father. He is helpless stuck on the ferry. And when he finally gets to his father’s house, it is completely engulfed in fire. He runs into the burning building and finds a woman. She is his step sister, Liv. But his dad and her mother are no where to be found. On top of all that drama, when Liv wakes up in the hospital she has amnesia. 

I was waffling about this book. Sometimes it was excellent. The shower scene at the beginning was described so perfectly I felt like I was almost there. Then there were times when the dialogue seemed so cliche, like what you would expect from a bad B Movie with barely any plot. I felt like those scenes really pulled down this book a lot.

Plus, the villain was dumb. If you want “the heart” from Liv, don’t leave her to die in a burning mansion. What a doob! And I did think the whole stepbrother/stepsister thing was a bit disturbing. I mean, they weren’t related to each other in any way but the way it looks to others might be off putting and seem like a big no no.

Another thing that kind of annoyed me was that the police really should have been investigating the fire more and concerned about his missing parents. This whole topic seemed to be handled off scene and out of the reach of the reader. I would have liked to see more of their involvement.

Other than those few niggles I thought this book was really good. I was captivated by both of the main leads and surprised so many of the threads of the story lead to each of their backgrounds so perfectly.

This is definitely a guilty pleasure book. Sometimes you need a few of these in between some of the harder books on your TBR. If you are looking for a fun and fast read, check this one out.

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