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Monday, January 20, 2020

Undercover Twin (Twins Separated at Birth #1) by Heather Woodhaven

Undercover Twin

ebook, 224 pages
Published September 1st 2019 by Love Inspired Suspense

Goodreads synopsis:
A deadly identity swap…

The first exciting Twins Separated at Birth novel

Audrey Clark never knew she was a twin—until she stumbled onto a covert operation. Now with her FBI agent sister shot and in critical condition, going undercover with Agent Lee Benson is the only way to protect her newfound twin. And as her pretend husband, Lee must keep Audrey safe…or pay twice the deadly price. 


4.5 Stars

This is the first book in the Twins Separated at Birth series by Heather Woodhaven in the Love Inspired Suspense line of Harlequin Books.

I am a sucker for a covert suspense story featuring twins. I am not sure why. They are just so appealing to me. Now, if the twin had amnesia too, that would be the ultimate guilty pleasure read IMHO.

Basic synopsis: Woman attends a conference and there she is mistaken for the twin she never knew about who also just happens to be a covert agent working under cover and using her name and photo as her alias. The man slips her intel moments before he is killed by adversaries coming after him.

The farther they pulled Audrey into the covert mission with Lee the more convoluted it became. I almost feel like it jumped the shark a bit with all the different obstacles they had to overcome: boobie trapped yurts and hot air balloon rides to safety.

Overall it was a very good story. I felt like the praying and speaking to God section should have appeared much earlier in the test to show that Audrey was already struggling in her walk with God and how this circumstance was challenging her. I did like how she convinced Lee to start praying as well. I am not sure how you run around being a covert agent without a little God in your life just to know he does have your back in your struggles.

The second book in this series came out in October 2019 and features the other twin, Kendra. I definitely want to pick that one up next. Love this line of Harlequin books. Suspense is my ultimate fave genre in the Love Inspired line.

If you love a good romantic suspense, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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