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Monday, March 16, 2020

Murder at Enderley Hall (A Miss Underhay Mystery #2) by Helena Dixon

Murder at Enderley Hall

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: March 19th 2020 by Bookoture

Goodreads synopsis: 
Summer 1933. Fresh from the discovery that she has family living nearby, Kitty Underhay has packed her carpet bag, commandeered a chambermaid and set off on a visit to stately Enderley Hall. She’s looking forward to getting to know her relatives, as well as the assembled group of house guests. But when elderly Nanny Thomas is found dead at the bottom of the stairs after papers of national importance are stolen, Kitty quickly learns that Muffy the dog’s muddy paws on her hemline are the least of her problems.

Calling on ex-army captain Matthew Bryant for assistance, Kitty begins to puzzle out the mystery. And when more shocking murders follow, the stakes are raised for the daring duo as never before. Which of the guests stand to gain from the theft of the documents? And which, as the week progresses, stand to lose their lives?


4.5 Stars

This is the second book in the A Miss Underhay Mystery series by Helena Dixon.

I found an easy likability about the relationship between Kitty Underhay and the Army man turned private investigator, Matt Bryant. There wasn’t enough alone time between the two of them for my taste but I figure that wasn’t so kosher back then. Their budding relationship plus the mystery of Nanny Thomas’s death paired well together. 

I was smitten by the whole series almost from the beginning. I definitely need to read book one, MURDER AT THE DOLPHIN HOTEL immediately. I think I may have even bought it on my Kindle around Christmas time. I will have to check.

I enjoyed the addition of the lady’s maid, Alice, although, I wonder what distress the other woman would have put on Kitty if she had brought the lady her mother wanted her to bring in the beginning. That would have been a hoot and a half.

When I think back on the scenes with a lot of characters, I am reminded of some classic Hercule Poirot moments from Agatha Christie. I guess this would be set in a similar time period, so it is no wonder I am comparing. 

Just loved this whole thing.

The ending killed me, though. Not about the revelation of whodunit, that was indeed surprising. But how Matt handles things right before THE END, did me in.  I need the next book in the series right away!

If you love a good cozy mystery, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

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