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Monday, March 9, 2020

No Room for Error (Lexi Carmichael Mystery #7) by Julie Moffett

No Room for Error

Kindle Edition, 276 pages
Published December 7th 2015 by Carina Press

Goodreads synopsis: 
Trouble follows me, Lexi Carmichael, like a little black cloud. At least according to my boyfriend, Slash: brilliant hacker, national treasure and vault of secrets. Even I have to admit he could be right.

After a series of high-profile cases at my cyberintelligence firm, I was looking forward to a simple job. All I had to do was personally deliver a revolutionary microchip to a manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Easy, right?


Someone else wants the design and is willing to kill to get it. A failed hijacking attempt lands me, my best friend Basia and our boss, Finn, in the middle of the jungle. Our mission is clear: protect the microchip design from the hijackers on our tail...and survive. But how can a geek girl like me survive without access to my beloved technology? I'm about to find out. And this time, there's no room for error.


4.5 Stars

This is the seventh book in the Lexi Carmichael mystery series by Julie Moffett.

As with all Lexi Carmichael mysteries, this was as over-the-top and action-filled as ever! It was a great ride to watch unfold. This is one of my favorite series since there is always one surprise after another awaiting me.

In this installment, Lexi gets assigned to take a ground breaking microchip to a place in Europe but before she gets there the plane is hijacked by insiders and crashes in the jungle. Somehow Lexi, her bestie Basia and boss Finn manage to survive but have to use all their knowledge and knowhow and help of a friendly native to get themselves to safety.

The thing I like about this series is that Lexi doesn’t come out of these encounters unscathed. She has a broken cheekbone or jaw for a lot of this and walks around with black eyes and dirt crusted on her face just to keep the bugs away.

As soon as you finish this one you are assured to want to start book eight. Just an overall wonderful series by Moffett.

If you love a good cozy mystery, you need to pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed. I was hooked all the way through. Good stuff!

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