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Monday, April 6, 2020

Writers Revenge by Alice Gamble

Writers Revenge: Four Authors and the Publisher from Hell

Writers Revenge: Four Authors and the Publisher from Hell

If your publisher stood in the way of a lucrative book deal in the US, how would you react? Esther was livid…
How would you like it if your first novel got no marketing support – and your second sold out within days because they printed too few? Donna didn’t like it one bit.
Or what if you’d naively signed a contract for your future books, on the same miserable terms as your first? Gloria wanted to pack it in before things got worse.
And – would you feel as hurt and upset as Petra if your editor blurted your closely guarded secrets to the world and their auntie?
Wouldn’t you want better treatment?
Esther, Donna, Gloria and Petra do as they take on a
– callous publisher
– a scheming editor and a
– marketing manager in thrall to the publisher’s dysfunctional ethos

Will they compel them to mend their ways?
ebook, 212 pages
Published March 13th 2020 by Books Go Social (first published March 2020

1 star

I have to admit that the concept of this book was great. Four writers are being taken advantage of by a ruthless publisher. That is why I have it the one star.

I couldn't go any higher due to the fact that the story was so disjointed. Nothing seemed to make sense. They would start off a scene with Gloria and suddenly it has veered off into an entirely different direction.

I feel like this is missing a plot and a main point of view character. It needs something to ground it. This is almost reading like a first draft before editing. My suggestion is to pick one writer and tell her story. Show us how she overcomes this ruthless publisher and comes out a winner.

The way it stands now, it's hard to read and figure out what is going on. My eyes were crossing in confusion and it gave me a headache trying to piece it together in my mind.

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