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Monday, July 6, 2020

Killer Queen (The Country Club Murders #11) by Julie Mulhern

Killer Queen

Kindle Edition
Published June 30th 2020 by J & M Press

Amazon synopsis: 
Another day, another dead woman in Ellison Russell's study.

Only this one claimed to be Mrs. Anarchy Jones.

As Ellison juggles mothers, daughter, unhappy wives, and near-miss murder attempts, one thing is clear—someone will go to any lengths to hide the truth.

Can Ellison and Anarchy catch a killer before the body count rises? Or will Ellison be the next corpse in the study?


5 stars

This is the eleventh book in the Country Club Murders series by Julie Mulhern.

The book starts off with Ellison and Anarchy getting ready to go to Italy. Of course, that doesn’t happen. A woman came to visit and before Ellison could even meet her, she was dead. Funny thing was, she introduced herself to Addie as Mrs. Anarchy Jones!

And the excitement doesn’t quit from this moment. All the great characters you have come to love are here. Ellison even gets to meet Anarchy’s mother who has come halfway across the US to surprise them. Who does that without calling first… especially back in 1975?

This series just keeps getting better and better. If you want to start this for the first time, start with book one and fall in love with the whole shebang!

Definitely one of my most favorite series! Recommend highly!

If you love a good cozy mystery, check this one out. What a fun read!

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