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Monday, October 5, 2020

A Beach Wedding To Die For (Beach Reads Mystery #2) by Judy Moore

A Beach Wedding To Die For

(Beach Reads Mystery #2)

by Judy Moore

Kindle Edition, 1, 314 pages

Published September 29th 2020

Goodreads synopsis: 

A bride with three grooms? What could possibly go wrong?

When jilted grooms from the bride’s first two weddings show up at her beach wedding to groom number three, there’s definitely trouble on the horizon. Someone won’t be leaving the wedding alive.

A Beach Wedding To Die For is the second standalone mystery in the Cozy Mysteries To Die For series. The series follows Beck O’Rourke and her grandmother, Miss Alice, who own Beach Reads bookstore and coffee shop, a gathering place for locals and tourists a block off the ocean in Manatee Beach, Florida. They live above the bookstore with Beck’s feisty younger sister, Lizzie, a lifeguard.

Beck is determined to follow her lifelong dream of being a detective, but the amateur sleuth keeps butting heads with handsome Manatee Beach Police Department detective Devon Mathis. Will she have to give up one passion for the other?

The third mystery in the Cozy Mysteries To Die For series will be out in January, 2021, A Tennis Pro To Die For.


4.5 stars

This is the second book in the Beach Reads mystery series by Judy Moore.

This book really keeps you interested. I felt like I was a rabbit following after a dangling carrot as she led me around the story landscape.

I wasn’t even sure why Beck was friends with Amelia. Amelia was a real user. So it wasn’t surprising when this is the gal who ended up dead. She was walking down the isle at wedding number three. The first two attempts at marriage didn’t work out and Amelia left both her previous grooms standing at the alter. And for some reason, these two fools still thought she was their soulmate and wanted to date her. I guess they missed the whole “she is getting married today concept.” Groom number two was found holding the murder weapon (the knife used for cutting the cake) and the bride’s sister, Stephanie was lying unconscious next to her passed out.

Lots of motives here besides the love lost grooms. Amelia’s sister lost out on her children’s collage funds since it was so expensive for their parents to fund three complete weddings over the years. Stephanie was counting on those funds since she didn’t make a lot of money.

I waffled between one or two suspects throughout the book but I discovered that my first impression of the killer was the correct one.

I am definitely liking this series a lot. I wish there had been a little more connection between police detective, Devon Mathis and Beck. I think that would have given Beck more to focus on in between her sleuthing escapades.

Overall, it was one great read.

If you like cozy mysteries, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this book for review from the author.

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