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Friday, October 9, 2020

Princess of Secrets (Fairy Tale Adventures #2) by A.G. Marshall

Princess of Secrets

(Fairy Tale Adventures #2)

by A.G. Marshall

Kindle Edition, 512 pages

Published September 27th 2017 by Avanell Publishing

Goodreads synopsis: 

All she needs is a clue

After a disastrous Princess Test, Carina tries to pick up the pieces and prove she is still a trustworthy spy. But all her evidence points to magical interference, and her father won’t believe such preposterous theories without proof. She’ll have to solve this mystery fast to salvage her reputation, but can she do it alone?

All he needs is a kiss

When Carina refuses to attend his brother’s wedding, Prince Stefan crosses the ocean to change her mind. But the perfect surprise turns into a perfect disaster when a witch transforms him into a frog. Only a kiss from Princess Carina can break the curse, and she doesn’t seem inclined to kiss anyone. Can Stefan win her heart before it’s too late?

Or will dark magic sweep them all away?

The Frog Prince is a retold fairy tale and the second book in the Fairy Tale Adventures series. These books take place in the same world, and each novel is a stand-alone with a fairy tale ending. Enjoy them one by one or read the entire series to see how everything connects.

If you like strong characters, sweet romance, and daring escapades, download a Fairy Tale Adventure today!


4.5 stars

This is the second book in the Fairy Tale Adventures series by A.G. Marshall.

This is a continuation from  the previous book. So, please go back and read book one so it will all make much more sense to you.

Definitely loving this series. It is a romance, yes, but just barely. It is more of a retelling than a romance. It is an adventure story in truth. This is the tale of the Princess and the Frog. I was not familiar with this tale from my youth and found it to be quite enchanting. 

Stefan was not my favorite character from the previous book but he grew on me as the book went along. I have to say that both of the tailors were great comic relief. And I enjoyed them greatly. The mermaids were dealt with in a different way that I normal see in books or on tv. They sort of reminded me more of what I think of as a Siren than a Mermaid.

I like how the author developed Carina to show us who she really was compared to the previous book where she acted like a ditz during the Princess Test. I really felt sorry for her in relation to her family and how she was treated during her entire life. How can a father treat his child that way and then do what he did at the end of the book knowing he was the main cause of all her supposed treason-ish actions.

I have already started reading book three since I am completely hooked on this series.

This is definitely a series I want to continue with.

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