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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Broken Bones and Botany (Midlife Medicine, #3) by Amorette Anderson

Broken Bones and Botany 

(Midlife Medicine, #3)

by Amorette Anderson

Kindle Edition, 197 pages

Published August 12th 2020 by Ambleside Publishing


Brrr… this case is cold!

Eight months into her new life in Covenstead, Vermont, Nurse Grace Littleton still can’t manage to use magic to make a sunflower grow. In between attempts, she uncovers a cold case that chills her to the bone.

A crime that occurred in town years before remains unsolved -- someone in the quaint little village got away with murder!  Who did it? And why?

A group of friends in town are intent on keeping the secrets buried deep. With the sugar on snow supper fast approaching Grace sets her magical studies aside, and braves the howling March winds to track down clues. Her trusty companion, Lucky, is right beside her. Can they infiltrate the bonds of friendship and get the facts, or will the truth remain hidden?

And is it possible that a bit of botany might help them out along the way?


4.5 stars

This is the third book in the Midlife Medicine series by Amorette Anderson.

Grace Littleton is back and taking on her hardest case yet. It is the only case that the older sleuth who had the job before her, Maude, couldn’t solve.

She has also been doing some reading and what she learns really helps her at the climax of the story. I am so enjoying this series. The main character is right around my own age and she is learning all sorts of new things along the way. It is all we can ask for in life, right? Totally resonating with this series.

This is quite an unputdownable book. Dig into this series for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. This is a magical type cozy mystery that features a midlife main character.

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