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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Tennis Pro To Die For (Cozy Mysteries To Die For #3) by Judy Moore


A Tennis Pro To Die For

(Cozy Mysteries To Die For #3)

by Judy Moore 

Kindle Edition, 263 pages

Published January 28th 2021


Beck O’Rourke’s younger sister Lizzie has cajoled her into taking tennis lessons in the middle of the summer in South Florida. Beck not only suffers from the heat but from her snooty classmates who are more interested in the handsome tennis pros than learning how to hit a backhand. But things get serious when one of the racquet club’s pros is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Beck takes advantage of her inside knowledge of the tennis club to try to help handsome police detective Devon Mathis catch the killer.


4.5 stars

This is the third book in the Cozy Mysteries To Die For series by Judy Moore.

I am happy to be reading another one of Judy Moore’s books. She has come a long way in defining this series and really making it all come to a life in a wonderful way.

Beck is back in town after her stint in Montreal taking care of her mother. There is a bit of a distance between her and her detective sweetie, Devon. But her sister, Lizzie tells her to let Devon chase her. No one likes a gal who is easy to catch. Since Lizzie is the one with the romance chops, Beck listens to her advice.

In the meantime, Beck and her sister are taking tennis lessons at the local country club due to a generous benefactor from a previous book. This is where Beck meets Haley an area tennis legend. But being clueless about sports, Beck and Haley bond over their love of books. Lizzie is stunned when she realizes her sister’s new friend is uber famous.

Not long after Beck meets Haley she is introduced to her family and other colleagues: Gille and Manney. A disagreement between Haley and Manney sends her running for cover, the next day the body of Manney is discovered dead from a hit and run. 

This is when Detective Daron gives Beck the green light to start investigating on her own as a type of consultant. So she jumps into the fray. 

This was a fascinating mystery to follow. I love that Devon and Beck worked together and you can see the two of them growing closer. 

This is one of those stories where everyone gets a happily ever after ending.  I am sure you will be relieved as I was to see how it all turned out in the end. 

If you love cozy mysteries, definitely check this out and dig into the whole series. 

I read this book for free using my kindle unlimited subscription. 

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