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Friday, May 7, 2021

Chaos (Tessa Avery #1) by Lucy Roy



(Tessa Avery #1)

by Lucy Roy

Kindle Edition, 430 pages

Published January 2021 by Amazon Digital Services


For most girls at eighteen, life is just beginning: graduation, college, getting their own place. Unlike them, however, I’ve trained my whole life to be an Ischyra, an immortal soldier of the Olympian gods, and when high school ends, I’m going to Olympus to face my destiny, leaving all that I know behind.

I’m a nervous wreck, of course, but making the transition from mortal to immortal, not to mention finding out what my affinity will be, has me over the moon. Finally, I’ll be tasting what I was born for.

But not all is a bed of roses. Meeting the gods and the grueling training is nothing compared to the nightmares I’ve been having. Controlling my newly awakened powers is more of a struggle than I'd anticipated. Add to the mix a hot guy who I can’t make heads or tails of. And if that wasn’t enough, a bunch of the Titans who were defeated thousands of years ago have begun to gather forces, hoping to retake Olympus for their own.

As an Ischyra, my duty is to protect Earth from those who would seek to harm it, but first I have to get through my training year. Yet as my powers start to take on a mind of their own, I begin to realize the gods might have other plans in store. 


5 stars

This is the first book in the Tessa Avery series by Lucy Roy.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson have some new competition. This book was great and I really liked seeing all the gods and how they interact. I look forward to digging more into this series.

I spent a good deal of this book thinking that the sentient person inside Tessa was Pandora. I was wrong but there is a great twist here that will really keep you reading, I like how the author made the gods so approachable and real for the reader. If you love mythology, definitely check this one out!

Definitely pick this up if you are a magical urban fantasy mystery lover.

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