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Monday, May 3, 2021

Crumbs and Misdemeanors (Great Witches Baking Show #6) by Nancy Warren


Crumbs and Misdemeanors

(Great Witches Baking Show #6)

by Nancy Warren 

Kindle Edition, 190 pages

Published March 17th 2021


Bread is supposed to be the staff of life—not a murder weapon.

Every baker has their weak spot. For Poppy it’s bread. So, when The Great British Baking Contest hits bread week, she’s as fragile as an overbaked croissant. Just when she needs to keep all her focus on flour, water, yeast and salt, another ingredient enters the mix. Death.

Someone is not who they appear to be, and secrets from the past are bringing deadly consequences to the present. Poppy isn’t only a contestant in the long-running TV show, she’s also a witch and reluctant amateur sleuth. With the rest of her coven, assorted animal helpers and her ghostly sidekick Gerry, Poppy needs to solve the murder before someone else dies.

Set in the beautiful Somerset countryside, the Great Witches Baking Contest stories are all linked, but they can be read as stand alone cozy mysteries. There is no swearing, gore or sex. Just an entertaining cozy mystery with witches, ghosts, a little romance–and recipes!


4.5 stars

This is the sixth book in the Great Witches Baking Show by Nancy Warren.

This is the week Poppy has been dreading. Bread week. Everyone has something baking-wise that is their kryptonite. Bread is Poppy’s. She is getting help from Eloise in the kitchen to boost her bread baking confidence. Then Poppy wants to come back after dinner to get more help and finds poor Eloise dead in the pantry. Does she have the worst luck or what?

I enjoy this series so much that i wonder if it can continue even after the baking show is over. I would totally love that so much!

There are a couple of contestants on the show that I don’t want to see leave and am dreading when that particular cooking week comes around. The Scottish Detective, Hamish, is one of my favs and want him to continue with the series if it ever morphs into something else after the backing sho ends.

I am hooked on this series! Already looking into Warren’s other two series, Vampire Knitting Club and Vampire Book Club.

Definitely pick this up if you are a magical cozy mystery lover.

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