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Thursday, May 27, 2021

No Going Back by Casey Kelleher


No Going Back

by Casey Kelleher 

Kindle Edition, 286 pages

Published April 29th 2021 by Bookouture


A child has been taken. A family is out for revenge.

Riley Cooke is just one day old when he is stolen from the hospital. His young mother, Shelby, is beside herself. DC Lucy Murphy and her team face a race against time to find the vulnerable baby and bring him home – before the child’s grandfather, fearsome gangster Pete Baker, takes matters into his own hands.

Pete is sure he knows who’s behind baby Riley’s abduction, and he thinks they ought to pray Lucy finds them before he does. Because someone is going to pay dearly for causing this much pain to his family.

They say never stand between a gangster and his target. But that’s exactly what Lucy must do – because if Pete is wrong, innocent blood could flow.

A shocking and addictive read that will keep you turning the pages. Fans of Martina Cole, Kimberley Chambers and Emma Tallon will love this.


4.5 stars

This is a book in the DC Lucy Murphy series by Casey Kelleher.

I am always a little bit disappointed by this series. I am really interested in DC Lucy Murphy and what is going on with her. I feel like I don’t get enough of that thread and get way more of the mystery and all the new characters it brings.

Don’t misunderstand me. This is an excellent book with a well-plotted story and well-rounded characters, even the new ones that show up for this book only. I just want to connect to the main character more. Plus, I totally didn’t see this possible relationship between her and her co-worker. I was kind of sensing a relationship between her and DI Morgan instead. Kinda threw me for a loop.

This story is basically about a gal who gets her baby stolen from the hospital. There has been a previous attempt to obtain the baby of another pregnant woman but this resulted in the baby being slashed out of her tummy. This is a very intense story and there are trigger warnings for violence and being attacked. 

Definitely an interesting read. You pick sides almost immediately and know that these characters are indeed more into the criminal element than they at first seem. I am putting Casey Kelleher on my must read list for sure.

Read this book for free via my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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